How do I submit my Identification and documents as badges for verification?

Submitting your ID and verification information is simple and fast. We take your privacy and protection of your information as our top priority and your information is only used for verification of your identity. Do cover or blur out your ID number from any document you submit as well.

Always submit your ID via the following method to ensure maximum privacy and protection of your information. Please do not submit any form of ID via support chat.

1) Go to "Profile"

2) Tap on "Tasks" or "Badges"

3) Tap on "Identification Verification"

trust point 1

4) Verify each item in the list to gain an extra point for each one that you have succesfully verified.

5) It is required to verify your identity documents and selfie with ID

6) Tap on "Identification Document" to submit your Identity Card or any government issued documents that showing your name and date of birth.

trust point 2

7) Tap on "Selfie with ID" to submit a selfie by holding your Identity Card or any government issued documents in your hand.

trust point 3

Thank you for submitting your ID and selfie. Please ensure the photos submitted are clear. Your ID will be processed within 3-4 working days.

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